Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

     Your smartphone can be an unnecessary distraction, or an absolute godsend in college, depending on how you use it. While you may spend too much time scrolling blankly through Facebook, it can also be a very useful tool to get you through. We've compiled a list of 11 free and essential apps which every college student should have.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

     Bring out the Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver from within. Working as a type of meal generator, you enter in the ingredients you have (or crave), the amount of time you have (or how bothered you could be with cooking) amongst other variables, and helps you to prepare a delicious simple meal, giving you exact step by step recipes. Voila.


     We've all been there. It's early in the morning/afternoon, you have had a particularly hard night on the beer, your last memory is falling face first into the neighbour's hedge, and you are experiencing the forever dreaded Fear. But that's not the worst of it. You check your calls and messages. You tried ringing your ex 27 times, and sent him/her 7 "You awake?" messages, with no reply. Disaster.

     This is why you need Textalyzer. It lets you enter certain contacts into a "forbidden" list, so the next time you try your best to make an idiot of yourself, you have to complete a number of puzzles and concentration tests first. Sorted.

Find My iPhone/Where's My Droid

     We've all gone through the pain of losing our beloved smartphones, whether it be in between the seats in a taxi or the seats of a nightclub. Find my iPhone for iPhones, and Where's My Droid for Android, helps to track where exactly you have left your device, and takes the stress out of searching.


     Who doesn't like free stuff and/or discounts? Groupon has a long list of exclusive offers, discounts and even free stuff, for goods and services near your location.

Class Timetable

     Organise your class timetable in this very handy app. It includes optional notifications as well as a wide range of colour variants to colour code your timetable, and keep on track with your studies.


     Another handy app for organising yourself, this app helps you to create your own flashcards, test yourself for any upcoming exams, set study reminders, amongst many other features. There are notes available from thousands of colleges worldwide for a wide array of different classes, making studying easier than ever.


     Referencing is one of the biggest nightmares in colleges. You could be 4 years into your course and still have no idea how to reference. This is where EasyBib comes in. You take a picture of the bar code on your book, and it generates references in MLA, APA or Chicago, and then emails it to you to include it in your essay. 


     Whether it be the free or premium version, Spotify has thousands upon thousands of songs and playlists for you to choose from, to match your current mood and preference. Whether you are looking for background music while studying, or getting ready for a night out, Spotify meets all of your musical needs.


     Beneficial for when you are trying to get a good nights sleep but can't stop tossing and turning, or if you are being kept awake by the neighbours. With over 60 different soothing sounds that you can mix and match, whether it be the sound of rain or of piano playing, it has the perfect melody to send you into a deep slumber.

Couch to 5K

     For anyone that has had a few too many packets of noodles or pints of Guinness, and wants to get rid of the extra few pounds. Couch to 5K starts you off slowly, meaning you won't feel like your chest is about to explode, and up to a decent level of fitness

Spending Tracker

     Helps you keep on top of your spending when responsibility calls. Simple and effective, it lets you enter in your everyday expenses, whether it be necessities like fuel and electricity, or not so necessary expenses, making it easier to manage your weekly budget.

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