Nokia 3310

     With the Nokia 3310 being relaunched, people may be afraid that their old model may be of no use to them anymore. However, fear not, as we have compiled a handy list of funny ways you can make use of the most loved phone in the world.


1. Neighbour being too noisy and not answering the doorbell? No problem.

2. Turn your €1.50 Penney's vest into a functional bullet-proof vest.

3. Use your Nokia 3310 to conquer the everyday problem of running out of missiles for your missile launcher.

4. Make your wall stronger than ever. Trump might find this one practical.

5. Keep yourself prepared for protests, you never know when they might get messy.

6. Ever wondered what you would do in a Zombie Apocalypse? Ya, us too.

7. We've always wondered how exactly you get through these.

8. Don't forget, there's always ways to upgrade the phone.

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