Nissan Build Phone Signal Blocker Into Cars To Halt Phone Distractions

     "Nissan doesn't want you texting while driving its Juke.

     There are apps available that attempt to make your phone less of a distraction while you drive, but now, Nissan has taken the concept a step further with its own compartment that blocks mobile phone signals. Even though people can put on a Bluetooth headset or set up automatic replies to texts, drivers still love to play with their phones rather than keep their eyes fixed ahead of them on the road.

     Nissan knows this, obviously, as it has developed a Faraday cage. Nissan said the prototype, called Signal Shield, comes built into the arm rest of its Juke crossover vehicle, and it promises to eliminate distractions caused by calls, texts, and other notifications. Keep in mind the product is not entirely new, as Michael Faraday discovered in the 19th century that conductive materials block electromagnetic fields.

     Nissan's spin is essentially a place where you can rest your phone while you drive - and all cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi signals will be blocked. If you want to access tunes on your device, you can always connect it to the Juke via USB or aux cable. You can see a demo of the Signal Shield in the promo video below.

     Signal Shield is certainly an interesting way for Nissan to tackle distractions, but unfortunately, at the end of the day, we think people who use their phone while driving will continue do so, even if they have a fancy Faraday cage sitting inches away. "



Source: Elyse Betters,

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